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ummmmm.... wow. For a 1 CC card, this thing is insane. Instant zombie deck obliterator.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/4/2010 12:39:48 PM)


Brilliant. A perfect counter for dredge and any graveyard-based deck. It also incapacitates those irritating Tarmogoyfs everyone seems to use.

Posted By: KillerWhiskey (2/25/2010 4:05:40 AM)


hard to believe that this is a common.
Posted By: Rancor98 (9/9/2010 9:08:11 PM)


1 card a turn hampering recursion decks (yes they do get to choose the card, but not bad), can be used first turn, can wipe graveyards for 1... very useful. Worst case scenario you essentially cycle it for a total of 2 colorless at sorcery speed, exiling graveyards in the process. will certainly see play in my SB.
Posted By: Grimn777 (3/6/2010 3:20:30 PM)


Pretty decent, although Tormod's crypt is more versatile, since it a) is free, as opposed to requiring a total of 2 mana to use, and b) doesn't exile your own graveyard, thus leaving you free to perform some graveyard shenanigans of your own.

Still, for formats without access to the crypt (Standard, and it rotates out of extended in less than a month of my posting this), it's a very important sideboard card.
Posted By: sir_dwar (9/11/2010 11:37:24 AM)


This is an amazing card and I can't believe I haven't seen it until today. It just found itself a spot in my Turbofog deck's sideboard and might end up in my main deck.

6/5 if I could.
Posted By: mrgoodbytes (1/18/2010 3:17:43 PM)


I use this in my web of inertia deck for ultimate one sided control.
Posted By: garabor (12/30/2010 12:45:38 AM)


You said it well. It is very hard to believe that this is a common.
Posted By: aznxknightz (4/26/2011 7:19:29 PM)


Hoses Reanimator, Dredge, Land.dec and any deck with Flashback cards or recurring creatures from the graveyard. This card sees a LOT of sideboards and rightfully so.
Posted By: Mitch_360 (7/29/2011 9:55:52 PM)


Almost too trolly for its own good. Outstanding sideboard card for any graveyard-based deck. Tap it to get rid of the flackback/unearth/whatever cards you don't want to deal with, and then sac it to respond to their Yawgmoth's Will or whatever they're playing.

And in a cheap, easily replaced package? Good god, yes.
Posted By: Jannissary (2/7/2012 4:22:16 PM)


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