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Your puny walls cannot stop me, don't you know who the **** I am?
Posted By: brockdjwest (10/7/2011 8:32:53 PM)


It's so weird that they created this card -- its power was so clearly out of line with every other creature in the original set. Craw Worm had just +1/+1 for 2 more mana, and required heavy green commitment.

There was literally nothing with this level of inexpensive offensive power in Unlimited. There's a reason this was one of the few creatures to ever get banned.

(Ironically, this is probably the correct balance-point for creatures, as the game's designers eventually realized. Nowadays it's still quite playable, but fairly typical, and loses out to the really color-focused creatures in the creature-oriented colors, as it should.)
Posted By: Aquillion (5/16/2013 3:11:40 PM)


Yeah, but weaker in ME4 limited because of all the artifact hate. Still good card, with nice art, a huge goblin pushing the ram?? Awesome
Posted By: CheeseTomato (1/16/2011 8:22:33 AM)


Still good. Juggernaut on turn 1 via Mishra's Workshop and artifact mana still beats you, even though he shares space in the deck with Lodestone Golem these days.
Posted By: GainsBanding (2/1/2011 5:22:52 AM)


Juggernaut ftw. Used to see play all over, and still does in Limited, as M11 proved.
Posted By: Dragon23 (11/29/2010 8:10:58 AM)