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Best art this card got.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (5/14/2010 2:21:44 AM)


Replaced by Knight Errant or better yet Glory Seeker for soldier tribal. Back in the '90s this card was relatively 'better' in that every other color but green had to pay 3 mana for a 2/2 ability-less common creature, thus it was in itself on par with Scathe Zombies etc. not so much vs. Grizzly Bears
Posted By: SonOfSamus (7/31/2010 1:27:27 PM)


This is one of the few cards I really wish was playable, because the art and flavor text is so tasteful.
Posted By: BegleOne (6/20/2011 8:58:15 PM)


indispensable for white weeny ;)
this is quite an exception for the color pie...but yeah, it probably wasn't taken care of that the time this card was printed.

i guess every other white "bear" is better than this poor unicorn. if you compare it with cards of the same creature type, the latest replacement for it would be Ronom Unicorn. One mana cheaper and able to destoroy an enchantment when sacced...
Posted By: Mode (12/29/2008 12:06:51 PM)


If you're thinking about running this, run Regal Unicorn instead. If you're thinking about running Regal Unicorn, stop playing Magic.
Posted By: JWalks82 (1/12/2011 5:36:42 PM)


Even better than squire .
Posted By: Dalek9 (6/22/2009 10:13:28 PM)


My gf loves unicorns.

And she begrudgeingly plays magic with me.

I want to make her a unicorn deck as a romantic gesture, but i'm sure it will go unappreciated.

Plus i don't think a unicorn deck will ever actually win, but the thought is kind of nice.

I'll defeat you with the power of love and rainbows!
Posted By: ToAsTy42o (6/8/2011 5:35:16 PM)


I think I just found my mtg tattoo
Posted By: tarvofthemudhole (8/21/2012 1:33:23 PM)


He looks kinda like Prince Blueblood. His level of crappiness is also appropriate.
Posted By: DeviousPie (12/14/2011 10:17:28 AM)


I love Unicorns, and I love MTG. But I hate MTG Unicorns. Is that weird?
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/2/2009 7:44:10 PM)


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