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Wizards need to buff the foxes next time we visit Kamigawa ... especially if they're trying to go tribal with them.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (2/10/2011 9:15:50 AM)


Sub-par card. Great flavor text.
I really enjoyed that much of Kamigawa; the lore.
Posted By: Mr.Wimples (6/14/2011 1:08:36 PM)


We wouldn't even necessarily have to go back to Kamigawa to get more foxes. Lorwyn, as a fairy tale set, could easily have had foxes (and wolves, and bears). I'm sure that there's other places foxes could work (espeically when we are already stuffing cats, rhinos, birds and elephants everywhere that we can).
Posted By: Saikuba (8/4/2011 9:31:54 PM)


lol fox tribal yea right but not like the snake tribal from kamigawa it sucked somehow
also if mirrodin returned, then kamigawa might also
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (4/21/2011 2:29:57 PM)


I think we're pretty much guaranteed to return to Kamigawa eventually. The revisits to Mirrodin and Ravnica were super popular, and I think very well done. They even teased us with Tamiyo, the Moon Sage. Revisits in general and probably Kamigawa in particular are very much a part of Magic's plan for the future.

And we do need to get more bite in fox tribal. Every fox seems flavorful but a little underwhelming. And we only have two non-Kamigawa foxes, Ice Age's Arctic Foxes and Innistrad's Silverchase Fox.

Edit: Well, come to find out Kamigawa scored very low mechanically and creatively in market research, and even Tamiyo-chan was received poorly. Most people that like Kamigawa didn't actually play it in standard and limited, like me. A return is less likely than I thought. Maro said they might do it, but only if they can find some compelling way to make it exciting.

But think of the poor foxes... maybe like Saikuba said ... (see all)
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (7/19/2013 8:02:30 AM)


There needs to be more foxes, imo.
Posted By: Dalek9 (6/22/2009 10:08:22 PM)


Definatly. Foxes are good.
Posted By: JWolps (8/29/2009 5:39:48 PM)


Kamigawa's dead i think. That set sucked.
Posted By: Exclaimer999 (3/15/2011 1:19:07 PM)


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