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MTG trivia: this is the only card in the game to use the word "redistribute" as an instruction, which means there's a rule specifically for this one card. That puts it in a category with Trinisphere and possibly just a few other cards.
Posted By: Salient (2/19/2012 1:30:10 PM)


Sigh, this card is one of the banes of EDH, as is just about everything else I mention in this post, excluding clone. Yet, for some reason, the people I play with love to use them all.

"Sorin, You're at ten."

"Reverse the sands, You're at ten."

"Repay in kind, We're all at ten!"

also, Magister Sphinx likes to be cloned. xD
Posted By: KarmasPayment (7/1/2010 10:55:57 PM)


2/1/2004 You can't split up a life total when you redistribute it. For example, suppose that in a two-player game your life total is 5 and your opponent's life total is 15 when Reverse the Sands starts to resolve. You can choose to (a) leave the life totals as they are or (b) make your life total 15 and your opponent's 5. You can't choose to make your life total 20 and your opponent's 0.

so i'm sorry tilon13 you can't do that

also use platinum angeland go below 0 before you switch for extra kicks
Posted By: thaviel (4/15/2009 5:51:13 PM)


yes, a life total is a single number, its how much life the person has. when you redistribute life totals your moving life totals from player to player, not changing life totals. thats my understanding of it anyway. its worded that way so that it works in multiplayer.
Posted By: Ragnarokio (1/8/2010 9:37:39 AM)


The reminder text seems to have caused an awful lot of confusion, if you cast this in a chaos game with this scenario:
Player 1 Life Total: 26
Player 2 Life Total: 32
Player 3 Life Total: 3
You : 10

You redistribute the life totals, meaning one player receives a life total of 32, one receives a life total of 26, one receives a life total of 3 and one receives a life total of 10.

Might be fun to use in a {W}{B} deck that allows you to pay for card draw / advantage (Necropotence or something like Phyrexian Arena) Also would work wonders with Plunge into Darkness since you can drop your own life total down to 1, then swap with your opponent! (Hopefully getting your win condition in hand in the process!)
Posted By: tcollins (1/17/2011 1:32:04 AM)


The key is that it says redistribute life totals, not redistribute life points.
Posted By: CatpainLysdexia (2/4/2011 10:14:05 AM)


Maybe it should've read "reassign"...
Posted By: Falos (5/20/2011 10:56:34 PM)


Combo with Wall of Shards.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/22/2009 5:27:41 PM)


Man, I used to think this could make your life total 37 and your opponent's 1 or 0.
Posted By: Champion_Kitsune (10/25/2009 9:14:28 PM)


Wait, there's a wacky card that does a completely unique, inherently confusing, AND multiplayer abusive ability?

Yes, sign me up please. Hive Mind and you will get along very very nicely I think. Just let me go check with Knowledge Pool first xD
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/15/2011 10:39:09 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!