Alhammarret, Hoher Schlichter
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Alhammarret, Hoher Schlichter
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Legendäre Kreatur — Sphinx
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FliegendSowie Alhammarret, Hoher Schlichter, ins Spiel kommt, zeigt jeder Gegner die Karten auf seiner Hand offen vor. Du bestimmst den Namen einer auf diese Weise aufgedeckten Karte, die kein Land ist.Deine Gegner können keine Zaubersprüche mit dem bestimmten Namen wirken (solange diese Kreatur im Spiel ist).
5 / 5
Card Number:
6/22/2015 Alhammarret’s second ability happens as Alhammarret enters the battlefield. No one can cast spells or activate abilities between the time a card is named and the time that Alhammarret’s last ability starts to work.
6/22/2015 You choose one card name, not one name per opponent.
6/22/2015 Although spells with the chosen name can’t be cast, permanent cards with that name can still be put onto the battlefield by a spell or ability.
6/22/2015 If your opponents have no nonland cards in their hands, you can’t choose a card name. Alhammarret’s last ability won’t stop any spells from being cast in that case.
6/22/2015 Your opponents can still cast a card with the chosen name face down if it has a morph ability. A card with the chosen name can also be manifested.

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