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It'd be better if it didn't say "attacking" creature, but removal for White is hard to come by. Sure, you could use Path to Exile, but passing out free lands is more damaging than probably letting them gain 4 or 5 life, so it's a fair trade between them. It loses to Swords in Legacy, though.
Posted By: DarthMohawk1 (6/17/2010 6:43:19 AM)


4.5/5 because of the "attacking" condition. Lots of creatures are pain even without attacikng. StP can kill those creatures too, so it's definitely better.

Oh, and agreed with Clockwork, I dislike the idea of giving my opponent free lands as hell.
Posted By: skew (3/10/2010 1:17:46 PM)


Life gain is a winning strategy now. I bet this is going to find it's way into a few decks that have Felidar Sovereign as thier center piece. Both as a removal spell and as a game winning play.
Posted By: Eved (6/25/2010 11:13:00 PM)


Really messes up RDW. I love it. If I don't have any first strike on the board, this is a decent way to get rid of Ball Lightning or even Putrefax.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/11/2010 12:15:22 AM)


I prefer this to Path, mainly because giving out free lands is a recipe for game loss in such a fast environment as exists now. They're not very likely to get their creature back from this either, and even if they do, they have to cast it again, and if it's beefy and they used all their Black Loti or Pentad Prisms or whatever kids are into these days to summon the first, this could be very tricky for them.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (2/19/2010 11:26:40 AM)


Elder Dragon Highlander strategy note: This card is noted for its use in being able to keep an opponent's general off the battlefield. Since general goes to library instead of graveyard or exile, the opponent has no choice but to bury it and hope that they have some way to shuffle their library.
Posted By: Aristos (8/28/2009 8:37:44 PM)


I know everyone LOVES Path to Exile, I still like Condemned especially early. I get paranoid if I give out free lands.
Posted By: Messatsunokami (5/21/2009 1:05:32 PM)


Another great substitution for StP...stop comparing this card to PtE because both cards are even in my book.
Posted By: Mitch_360 (10/29/2009 8:33:07 AM)


I like the look,you could attack with your creature,and use the spell on yourself if you needed the life
Posted By: elderknight (5/22/2009 5:43:20 PM)


5/5 One of my favorite cards. Can use it on yourself if you need health as well.
Posted By: Kryplixx (10/21/2009 10:59:34 PM)