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It's decent.
Nothing more or less.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (8/10/2011 3:16:47 PM)


I'll stick with Storm Crow.
Posted By: Pontiac (3/24/2011 7:34:12 AM)


This cant even begin to hold a torch to Serra Sphinx unless you are too poor to afford a dollar rare. This dies to artifact AND creture removal, AND is -1/-1 AND you have to pay for the Vigilance. All for the increddible discound of 4U vs 3UU. so its a little more splashable and becomes total chaff.

TO be fair its a common, and probably a house in Pauper. Except that Errant Ephemeron exisists.
Posted By: Shoe2 (11/14/2008 1:33:45 PM)


This is far too expensive. I usually need something far meatier at that point in the game.
Posted By: Asinine-Ultimatum (2/11/2009 2:24:34 AM)


I think it would be an ok flyer if you didn't have to pay for it's vigilance every time.
Posted By: Shiduba (6/27/2010 8:05:28 AM)


3/3 flier for 5? One colored mana? Possible vigilance? COMMON? SO good. Well, in llimited it is, anyway. Seems like nobody here ever plays outside of Standard.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (2/9/2011 10:43:35 PM)


Drakes have been cast-typed into teh suck.
Posted By: desolation_masticore (12/29/2010 7:50:59 AM)


I'm not putting this in my artifact deck either, Reliquium.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/13/2010 11:46:41 PM)


Posted By: Woozly (7/20/2011 1:20:36 AM)


Poo. Poo to you.
Posted By: Reliquium (1/20/2012 12:15:49 AM)