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Oddly enough I use him specifically so my opponents won't block him. Primal Bellow, Giant Growth, Prey's Vengeance, and/or Vines of Vastwood after they have decided not to block him is usually how I win. Card disadvantage, sure. Unexpected slaughter, oh yeah.
Posted By: Eved (5/27/2010 6:33:38 AM)


@ Bauble:

First of all deathtouch works for all damage so if you make him a pinger then that creature dies because of the deathtouch.

Second of all you have to deal damage to that creature so if it is prevented in some way then it cannot kill it. Therefore if you cannot deal damage to a creature then you cannot kill it with deathtouch, so if it blocks three creatures then you cannot kill all three unless the Turntimber Basilisk gets a +1 to attack from somewhere.
Posted By: Deathtol (2/7/2010 1:50:04 PM)


Other cheap uncommon you can combine this with are Adventuring gear and walking atlas. Walking atlas is a nice companion for any landfall creature.
Posted By: TongueSlicer (9/11/2010 1:59:15 AM)


If you use a fetchland or other land acceleration (Harrow, etc.), you can make a two-for-one.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (10/6/2009 6:26:31 PM)


I like it. It goes great in a deathtouch-heavy U/G deck I've been working on - particularly because, between this, the Deadly Recluse, and the Winged Coatl, it's the only one that doesn't have to wait for my opponents to attack before killing something valuable. It just goes for the throat! How often does green get that luxury by default?
Posted By: Discoduck (9/28/2009 9:02:24 PM)


Green removal is hot. It's just a shame that it has to die itself.
Posted By: Laguz (9/25/2009 11:12:26 PM)


Deadly Recluse is cheaper, yet you can force something delicate and valuable or enormous and vulnerable into it if you have to, which is useful. However, the Recluse is common. It scarcely matters in the long run; Laguz is right. Green removal is hot.
Posted By: Zulp (9/26/2009 12:10:30 AM)


One of my favorite Uncommons in Zend. This guy loves Oran-Rief, the Vastwood also an especially good mid costed green card to help with the beatdown. Really helps get past those pesky defenders (Wall of Frost, Kraken Hatchling, etc) and it also forces the threats to defend him rather than chumping/deathtouching/gomazoaing your fatties.

Good utility and can scare your opponents from attacking

only thing I wish was that he had First Strike, but then he'd probably be gold


EDIT: also, one of my favorite targets for the turn 2 Quest for the Gemblades, saves the basilisk and pumps him to 6/5 Deathtouch mini-Prized Unicorn on Landfall. Again, one of my favorite UC's in Zend :D
Posted By: JacksJokeShop (10/6/2009 7:19:27 AM)


combine with vigor to make a really powerful, endless deathtouching machine.
Posted By: DlCK (1/20/2010 12:04:05 AM)


But I'm used to liking green removal more...
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/26/2009 8:00:06 AM)