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Darksteel Sentinel anyone?
Posted By: Maelak (9/24/2010 7:21:16 PM)


Repeatable Virulent Swipe with a 2/1 body is great. I'll take four.
Posted By: NecroticNobody (9/24/2010 2:46:26 PM)


I like running Glaze Fiend next to her. Sort of like a double Fiend effect for every 0-drop artifact I cast... Memnite, get over here.
Posted By: J4bb3rwock (11/16/2010 8:20:08 AM)


When I played at the prerelease a guy played this against me and beat me so harsh with it. Shes scary in limited. Easy a bomb.
Posted By: Bass1987 (3/22/2011 10:23:21 PM)


Now this will be childish but... Underboobs!
Posted By: Rotary_Fist (2/28/2011 12:09:56 PM)


Black doesn't need to be put back in line with other colors. After Zendikar it's pretty strong. I'm not sure why they favored Black and White with the Smiths, though.
Posted By: CeremonialBathory (10/25/2010 2:30:16 PM)


I don't get it. It got possibly best ability in cycle (in world of infect every +Power matters) and deathtouch is good by himself). And without need to waste mana. Compare it to Lifesmith...BORKEN!. Or is it way to bring black in line with other colors?

Edit: alright, now i got it. You need to attack with that creature, or all that artifact citp shenanigans are in vain. So it's actually on par with other 'smiths (except for Lifesmith, that one still sucks balls in almost any comparisons)
Posted By: Gavrilo (11/1/2010 7:56:41 AM)


Great creature. And "Pain" is a great song. "Pain, without love, Pain, can't get enough," yep, it's a great song.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (11/16/2010 9:59:05 PM)


Glaze Fiend? GREAT IDEA Dude! Plus The New Lich Dat Masticore Dark Rituals, Other Shi "T" HEXX Yeah!
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (12/7/2010 5:37:06 PM)


Black is amazing in Scars Limited, terrible in Constructed.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (8/25/2011 11:41:01 AM)