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One of the finest cards of all time. In the game's early incarnation, vigilance on a 4/4 flyer was nearly a win condition. As expensive on the market as a lesser dual in their day. This card brought tons of players to the game, and changed me from mono-black to mono-white.

WoTC: PLEASE make a Serra, Planeswalker. I am BEGGING you.
Everyone else: vote for any comment that demands a Serra, planeswalker.
Posted By: Psychrates (2/9/2012 11:15:04 AM)


She was as coveted as any rare and just as powerful as a lot of them as well. Sengir Vampire was her evil nemesis for the longest time (the vampire was also greatly coveted and very powerful for an uncommon).
Posted By: professornutbutter (9/23/2009 5:37:18 AM)


When I opened my first booster pack and found Serra, I fell in love with this game!

Whenever I played her, she became a big target. Protection (white) and counter (blue) type spells were very handy. Spirit Link is a great combo... attack and gain life... then defend and gain life.

My all time favorite deck for Type-I tournaments was White, Red and Blue: Serra, Shivan Dragon, Spirit Link, counter/protection spells, direct damage. And of course dual-lands and the Power-9. It took me years to put that deck together. In the end I was never able to get 4 Shivans, so I used Dragon Whelps to suplement.
Posted By: FooHunter (12/15/2009 11:05:39 PM)


Apparently, Richard Garfield originally intended for the Serra Angel to have Sawblade-like appendages. (Hence, the "Serra" prefix, as in "serrated.")

This was never communicated to Douglas Schuler, however, so the saw-arms were (thankfully) omitted.

There. Now don't say I never teach you anything.
Posted By: Kirbster (7/11/2010 11:11:15 PM)


grew up with this card. makes me sad now they power creeped her and the sengir out of the game.
Posted By: JacksonRex (8/10/2010 8:40:15 PM)


Because she's a god damn servant of Serra, that's why.

Speaking of which... When are we going to get a Serra, Planeswalker? Wait, scratch that. I would never live up to the hype. Wizards will either make it the next Format Sculptor, and have to dishonor her with a similar ban, or she will be doomed to Chandra's fate.
Posted By: OmegaSerris (7/5/2011 4:35:51 PM)


let's see: she was the best white flyer in the game for YEARS, she had spectacular art, and through the years shes still remained a Limited and Constructed threat that demands attention. plus her original art is hot and even though they slipped up with one of her reprints, the new art is great as well. 5/5
Posted By: AjaniHouse (8/16/2011 9:25:55 AM)


White's greatest flyer until Akroma...Remains quite useful due to her vigilance...Served as a finisher in Stasis decks...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 6:54:21 PM)


How is that gauze squeezing her boobs together so well?
Posted By: lorendorky (4/11/2011 12:49:47 PM)


@Kirbster: Not quite. Richard wanted her to wield a serrated blade. Like a heavenly chainsword.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (7/7/2011 11:50:54 AM)